Bean To Cup and Everything in between

Bean To Cup and Everything in between

How do you have your cup of Joe in the morning. Depends on where you get out bed in the morning!
Italy it maybe an espresso or if in Vietnam it could be a ca phe trung, translated
that would be made with egg yolks and condensed milk, interesting.

Top Coffee Bean Producers would be Brazil no surprise there, Vietnam comes in second followed by Columbia,Indonesia, Hoduras, Ethiopia, India and Uganda that's according to the International Coffee Organization. Brazil produced a massive 51,000,000 60kg bags of coffee beans( thats how they count their beans 60kg bags) that works out to about 3 billion kilos of beans give or take a few beans. Overall the in the coffee industry the humble cup of coffee creates a livelihood for over 125 million people. With the introduction of "Fairtrade" you can now track your coffee beans from paddock to cup. There are over 100 different types of coffee beans however the two most commonly grown are Arabica and Robusta.

Consumption The biggest coffee drinkers in the world are the Finns and Swedes with the top 5 countries all coming from the Nordic region. Maybe something to do with their cold climate. The top 10 coffee drinking countries all come from Europe. The US doesn't even get in the 20 twenty.

Where's the Bean Belt? the area with the best coffee rowing conditions is found along the equator 23 degrees north and south.

The biggest number Coffee stores in the US in order are Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, Barnes & Noble and Caribou. The most popular coffee drinks are Latte,Cappucino,Americano,Flat White,Mocha,Espresso and Macchiato.

How Much do we spend on Coffee
In total, people spent$8.97bn on coffee which dwarfs the spend on tea which comes at just$2.1bn the coffee culture is here to stay.

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