Best Water For Your Coffee

Best Water For Your Coffee

Choose Your Water for Coffee Wisely

Water out of the tap might be okay for washing the dishes its not the best for yourcoffee filter coffee brew.
Remember coffee is 98% water.

So what is it in the make up of water that is desired for the perfect brew. Water contains a vast array of minerals that will influence the final flavor and aroma of a cup of coffee.

Water quality can transform the character

  • Enhancing its acidity
  • Destroying its acidity
  • The body
  • Extraction
  • Roasting
  • Brewing

Waters impact is significant on the brewing cycle and the final product.
For the perfect coffee water needs to have a modest mineral content combined with high quality coffee.

To achieve this the water must contain certain minerals in the optimum percentage to produce the aid in the extraction of the oils contained in the coffee beans. As some minerals can make the water too hard for your beverage be best option is to use a filtration system.

Not only does water make up 98% of your coffee brew it is the solvent that extracts those flavors. To do this the water needs to to form a chemical bond with solids in the seeds and transport them away.

The Ratio of Coffee to Water

The ideal ratio of water to coffee where the solids will be dissolved in your coffee is 17.4 units of water to 1 unit of coffee

What Water Temperature is the best to Brew the Perfect Coffee

The sweet spot is between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal extraction.
Water temperature too cold results in a flat under extracted coffee while on the other hand too hot and you will loose the true taste of coffee

Time water is in contact with coffee grounds is the balancing act of brewing coffee as you can over extract and under extract. Brewing coffee is a science of using your solvent (water) to collect the desirable (yummy) chemicals from the seed and leave the not so desirable (yukky) ones behind. Temperature plays a big part in this process.

In a Nutshell
Brewing Great coffee is an artful science. Learning the principles and a routine that suits yo takes time practice and patience. Remember in your quest to make good coffee taste great you can make good coffee taste bad but you can not make bad coffee taste good


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