Checking Your Beans

Checking Your Beans

Ever had a problem with out of date beans?
Did you check the use by date of your beans before you dropped them in your shopping basket?

  • Ever had what was good coffee all of a sudden not tasting as great as it did when you first brought it home!
  • Chances are it was close to its use by date when you purchased it. Beans do get old!!
  • Make sure you are buying beans that are close to their beat before date and not the roasting date.

Storing Your Beans
First up DO NOT store them in the Freezer ever heard of freezer burn plus it will dry your beans out.
Best to store your beans in an airtight glass container in a dark cool spot. By doing so you will avoid ending up with old moldy beans Yuk

Follow these few simple tips and Checking your beans will ensure you are getting the best of your coffee beans
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