Coffee Black

Coffee Black

Is there a reason you would want to drink your coffee black. To show that you are superior not really drink coffee how you like it. However coffcoffee blackee black is a healthier way to drink coffee.

  • Healthier yes drinking your coffee black has zero calories its those additions milk,cream and sugar that add the calories.
  • Not only that black coffee is a metabolism simulator so not only does drinking coffee black have less calories (0) it also helps burn them as well. So drink your coffee black and be guilt free.

Pulling the covers back on the true taste of coffee.
For the coffee drinkers switching over to black coffee they are in for a surprise or two. Coffee in the un-adulterated version is quite intricate and e according to the type of beans, origin, processing method and roasting that it has been through.

Switching Over to the Dark Side
This can take as long as you like. Best to start by reducing the amount of sweetener and milk a little each day.
Coffee beans produce lots of different tastes and some are sweeter than others. So if you have been a sweet tooth it might be best to start off with a naturally sweet coffee bean.
here are a couple or three to get you started

  • Kenya AA Coffee
  • Panama Boquete Coffee
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee



PS Coffee Lovers need one of these 

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