Coffee Making Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Cup

Coffee Making Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Cup

Tip#1 Coffee  Where - What - How

Where did it originate from. Is it a blend or single origin. An estate coffee or a brand coffee.

How was it cultivated and harvested?

How was it processed naturally,anaerobic,honey processed, washed, semi washed the list goes on and on.

Is it an organic product. What pesticides and fertilizers were used in the growing as these have an effect on the end product.

Roasting the roasting level makes a big difference in the perfect coffee flavor.

Packaging is another area that makes a vital difference in the end product. What type of seal is being used. Whatever packing is used it is of utmost importance that the coffee should always remain in the original packaging and be stores in an air tight container once opened.

Stay in touch for Tip#2 Water temp and quality

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