Coffee Myths -True or False

Coffee Myths -True or False

  • Coffee 2nd most traded commodity in the world
  • Hawaii only US state to grow coffee
  • Coffee was discovered by a goat shepherd
  • Mecca banned coffee in 14th century
  • Adding cream to your coffee maintains its heat 20% longer
  • Arab culture only allowed divorce if the husband did not like her coffee
  • Coffee is a fruit as it grows on a bush
  • Beethoven loved coffee and exactly 60 beans per cup
  • Most expensive coffee comes from excreted cat poo containing chewed the coffee bean
  • Kraft, P&G, Sara Lee and Nestle purchase approximately 50% of coffee produced world wide

Believe it or not to the best of my know,edge this is all true.

One thing I am absolute positive about and that is you will find the worlds best Coffee Apparel Here 

Jan David

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