Coffee The Cause of a Social Revolution

Coffee The Cause of  a Social Revolution

Coffee was drunk as a household beverage but of greater significance was also drunk in public. In what were known as coffee houses. These establishments spread across the countries in the middle east and east Africa in cities and villages.

These coffee houses soon became very popular and a lot of socializing was done in these establishments which also provided entertainment ranging from games of chess to musical performances, local gossip and the news of the day. So became the place to go to find out what was the latest and greatest of the moment.

How Sinful Coffee
coffee rightsLike anything new there were some who were suspicious of it and soon bracketed the consumption of coffee with the drinking of alcohol. Hence coffee was banned by some jurists at a meeting in Mecca in 1511. Their fear was that coffee would foster opposition to rule of the Meccan governor Khair Beg. Much debate over this ruling happened over the next 13 years before the ban was lifted in 1524. In the year 1532 coffee was also banned in Cairo leading to coffee houses and warehouse being ransacked. More on the history of coffee can be found here

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