Flat White

Flat White 

What the hell is all this flat white talk about. Looks like another name for a latte to me.

So putting on my barista hat

I dig a little deeper. Well head over down under as they have been drinking this flat white for some time as their palate cant handle the US espresso and it was a way to soften the espresso. Hence a flat white.

So putting the flat white under the microscope it is a coffee with balance and texture. To be a bit on the techo side it is a ratio of 3-4:1 of steamed milk to espresso and served in a 240ml cup.

So in a nutshell

We are looking at a controlled latte in a 240ml cup with 40-60ml espresso and 140-180ml steamed milk. Plus a bit (not too much) of foam on top. Just a few mills will do and you've got yourself a flat white.

If you can only handle so much steamed milk but love the taste and texture of steamed milk a flat white maybe the go for you.

Flat white the drink that is somewhere in between a cappuccino and a latte and for me a perfect cuppa for the evening.

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