History of coffee

History of coffee

Coffee has been around for a long time. It dates back to the 16th century and is believed to have originated in Ethiopia where it was used as an aid to concentration.coffee history

Over time coffee has been used for many things ranging from spiritual purposes through to an erotic stimuli and many things in between. It first made an appearance in coffee houses of London the 17th century, where it was described by a women's movement as "bitter stinking nauseous puddle of water"

How was Coffee Discovered?
True or False! myth has it that a goat herder noticed that his herd of goats became more energized after eating the berries from a tree. The word spread to a local monastery and an abbot decided to dry and then boil the berries to make a concoction. He also threw a few berries into a fire pit and was enthralled with the aroma that wafted into the air. From this the roasted beans were ground up, dissolved in hot water producing the very first cup of coffee.

After drinking their new concoction the monks found that they had difficulty sleeping so it was seen as a benefit to them during long hours of prayer.

Belief #2
Another story around the first cup of coffee belongs to a Sheik named Omar who had an ability to cure the sick by prayer and one day picked some berries and chewed on them. He found them quite bitter so he roasted them which made them hard undeterred he then boiled them which gave off a pleasant brown liquid. Once he drank some of this brown liquid he found he was more energetic and alert and able to stay awake for hours and hours on end.

16th Century Coffee
By the 16th Century Coffee was a drink of choice across Persia, Egypt,Turkey and Syria. From the middle east this new popular brew spread to Italy and throughout Europe eastward to Indonesia and then to the Americas by way of the Dutch seafarers.

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