How Do You Grind?

How Do You Grind?

Blade or Burr ???

Shame on you this not even a question as we all know there is only one grinder Burr end of conversation.

Or is it NO as not all burr grinders are created equal.
Yep even the good ones are not always perfect you need a back up. You see in a nutshell you will not always get a perfect grind every time.

How Do You Grind

As your grinder and as good as it may be it will not produce a completely uniform grind time after time As we all know the particle size of our grind is crucial to the optimal brew.

So what is the backup you may well ask.
believe it or not it's our trusty COFFEE SIEVE!

This is the tool that will turn your Good Brew into a Great Brew and this gets as close as it gets to achieving the NIRVANA OF COFFEE BREWS

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