Log Your Brew

Do You Log Your Brew?

Great cups of coffee consistently don't come easy. Even the most experienced old hands don't get it right every time on a consistent basis. No worries there is     away around this and its not as hard as you may think. log your brew

Log Your Brew's!
Yep that's the first step to consistency could be as simple as pen and paper or a spreadsheet is what I use.

So What to Record

  • Brew Type
  • Bean Type
  • Grind Size
  • Water Temperature
  • Brew Time
  • Taste

This process is very much about trial and error and what you need to do is change one element at a time. That way you will know what difference that made to your final brew. As opposed to changing several things and then just guessing what it was that made a difference.

You may need to make a few changes before getting the perfect cuppa but once you do you will be on your way to a consistently good cup of coffee every time.

Different brews require different formula (well it is a science in it self) so you will eventually end of with your very own Recipe Book of Coffee Brews for all occasions.

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