Third Wave Coffee

Third Wave Coffee Story

Third Wave Coffee what is it exactly in a nutshell it is a movement involving both consumers and manufacturers who engage in the appreciation and enjoyment of high quality coffee.

The third wave coffee movement treats coffee in a similar manner as wine aficionado's and seek to convey the flavor of brewed coffee for it's taste and flavorsthird wave coffee beans which ae the result of growing, cultivation, processing,roasting and the variables of the beverage preparation methods.

What sets third wave coffee apart from first and second wave coffee.
Basically it comes down to two words "Appreciation" and "Quality" which means that it is the whole chain from the grower, importer,roaster, barista and the consumer and the effort put in by each member of the supply chain in achieving the final result in the consumers cup.

In summing up third wave coffee is all about making the coffee consumer feeling part of the coffee bean experience which includes sharing the story of the road the coffee beans have been on so when the customer is savoring the pleasures of the brew they understand feel and appreciate to nuances of the perfect cup.

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