Treat Your Coffee Cup Right

Treat Your Coffee Cup Right

Do you warm your coffee cup?
Always use a glass or ceramic cup and NEVER use plastic!
Are you an Espresso drinker then it's an espresso cup for you.

It just tastes better and has a nice feel about it when you drink your cofCoffee Cupfee out of quality cup be it glass or ceramic. As well as staying warmer for longer and even tastes better.

Do Not drink coffee out of tin, plastic, foam or anything else other than glass or ceramic.

Drinking coffee if your serious about is almost a ceremony of the finer things in life so find a cup or mug that is your favorite. Its all about the enjoyment of the cup or shot of coffee that you have spent time and effort in making that special brew.

Finally treat your brew with the dignity it deserves and pour it into a pre warmed cup (pouring some hot water into the cup before serving will do the trick)

Are you an espresso drinker then for the love of coffee use an espresso cup. Do Not pour it into the bottom of a large cup.

Do yourself a big and treat your coffee with care. It will reward you in spades

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